Supports people – adults and children – with cognitive and developmental disorders caused by alcohol and other toxic substances drank during pregnancy.
Foundation deals with FAS prevention, diagnosis and therapy of children with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders).

The Foundation participates in scientific research on FAS and builds support system for families raising children with FAS.
It is the first foundation in Poland dealing with FAS issues and initiating a number of educational and therapeutic activities in this area.

Together with the Laboratory of Diagnostics and Therapy for Developmental Disorders in Lędziny leads the FASTRYGA Center. The Center deals with diagnostic, therapeutic and training activities focused on people with trauma and rejection experience, children with developmental disorders and foster, adoptive and biological families in need of support.

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he Association is a social organization established in 1997 by and for foster parents and adoptive parents.

The Silesian Department conducts the following activities:

  • spreading knowledge about FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, one of the most common disorders in rejected children exposed to alcohol during their fetal life
  • orgainizing training and workshops focused on reality of foster parents’ lives and their problems,
  • supporting foster parents in the material, intellectual as well as the spiritual area